GF Micro Quality Policy

GF Micro is committed to providing services that completely satisfy the expectations of its customers.

The company operates documented procedures for all functions aimed to meet requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and which provide a framework for establishing and reviewing the company Quality Objectives. The company is committed to continuously improve the Quality Management System (QMS) and the service provided to its customers and Stakeholders.

The company and its Directors believe that the QMS is an integral part of its operation and not a bolt on to it’s operating procedures. Working within a set of procedures provides a framework that ensures a consistency of outcome and assists in ensuring that process steps are not forgotten. The Company ensures effective implementation and maintenance of its Quality Management system through the Internal Audit process. 

The continual improvement ensures that if adherence to a process is not fulfilling the company’s needs it may be amended in a timely fashion.

The Quality Management Meeting (QMM) is a meeting that directs tasks and activities relating to the Quality Management System, it is required to have in attendance:

·       The Quality Representative,

·       At least one Company Director.

In this way the QMM is ensured to have appropriate resources and appropriate authority to establish and maintain the QMS.

The Quality Representative has the authority and responsibility to administer and audit the various aspects of the QMS. Any metrics required by the QMS are provided by the appropriate departments.

In its quest for excellence and continual improvement, the company ensures that all staff are suitably trained, and are provided with appropriate resources to meet customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements.