Microchip IP partner


A high quality supplier of low cost, high performance computers, moving into a new area of development; the customer required a number of analogue IP blocks to be developed for specific applications.

A project with tight timescales where the technology node was already fixed and all designs needed to fit into specific footprints.

Microchip Software Development


Working independently, under time pressure and developing Analogue IP on a relatively unknown process was demanding. The Analogue IP was developed on a leading edge 40nm process. Several different IP blocks were developed and delivered.

As a necessity we took on full project management, drawing up a Statement of Work and specifications outlining the key functions of each IP block. Full utilisation of resources and tools was key to meeting the timescales involved.

IP development for Microchips


Each development was supplied as an electronic design (to be dropped into a larger customer design) with a full set of deliverables (lef, gdsii, lib, cdl). GFM were responsible for driving the design and managing development. We took on full responsibility for project plans, formal checks and physical implementation, including all sign-off checks and milestones.

Our IP development approach gave the customer a flexible engagement model that suited their project requirements and budget.