Long-term partnership for Microchip Design Solutions


A world leader in designing and manufacturing high resolution Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal on Silicon (FLCoS) devices; the client needed a partner to design the Silicon Backplanes. GF Micro had significant experience and IP in the Silicon Backplane and Micro Display market place.

The project has necessitated a long-term partnership that continues to this day after more than 15 years of collaboration.

UK Microchip Solutions


Evolving a family of drivers with a range of operation and functionality has been key to the ongoing success of our relationship.

Initially developing designs on a 250nm process we are now producing on 162nm. Our input over the years has been flexible and adapted to rapidly changing market requirements, involving us in creating relevant specs and designs with a simple aim - to help the customer maintain their position at the leading edge of their marketplace.

Microchip supply


Creation of a family of devices that have been gradually evolved to fine tune key features and individual elements. This has given the client the ability to target specific display resolutions across various different markets and applications.

Our approach to collaborative working has given our client flexibility and the security of a long-term engaged partner. A synergy of expertise and business goals has been an important factor in helping our client continue to deliver superior solutions over an extended period of time.