We can deliver turn-key designs or bespoke consultancy across diverse chip technologies and applications. To ensure best possible performance, power efficiency and on-time delivery we use a proven combination of in-house and third party IP.

Our range of experience and the constant variety of customer requirements means at any time we are working across a wide range of analogue and digital processes. We offer clients choice and options throughout the design process, all of which can be fine-tuned at any stage.

Microchip specification (VR headset)


Crucial to our specification phase is an holistic approach. The right processes and solutions need to be chosen in order to provide clearly defined expectations and goals before the design cycle commences. This means adapting a client’s concept into a complete system architecture and detailed technical specifications. 

The process starts with a feasibility analysis and a review of system alternatives, as well as decisions relating to analogue/digital and cost/design options. We look to avoid pitfalls by employing dynamic architecture analysis platforms and tools throughout this phase.


Our engineering capability allows us to take a device’s specification and develop/integrate a range of IP blocks and solutions to achieve optimum performance - this applies to a range of requirements be it low power, high speed or high voltage.

Testing functional operation of mixed-signal ICs can be complex and expensive; we can provide both verification and simulation options using the latest design tools.

Typical Analogue IP capabilities include: Silicon backplanes, Bandgaps, LDO, PLL, ADC, DACs, HV, oscillators, Supply sensing, Temperature sensing.

Analogue/Mixed Signal Design

Digital Design


Utilising the latest design technology, our team employs a wide range of expertise across a number of different services. Typical Digital IP capabilities include silicon backplanes, System On Chip (SOC), memory and Non Volatile Memory (NVM) integration, micros: ARM, LEON, and RISC-V. At every stage of chip development we challenge and refine designs so that we can work to meet client goals with a ‘right first time’ solution. 

We can offer: 

  • Design and Verification: RTL Coding (VHDL, Verilog), IP Integration, Verification and validation (pre and post-layout).

  • Implementation: Synthesis, Formal verification, Static Timing, Design for testability (DFT), Layout service, Place & Route, Physical verification and GDSII Generation.


We manage and control all major design steps using latest industry standard technology. In line with our commitment to quality we undertake constant reviews to ensure that we are always using state of the art tools. 

Analogue capability is centred on the Cadence Virtuoso family. This integrated tool system allows us to conduct accurate modelling of the parasitics, timing, signal and power integrity at an early stage of physical implementation, resulting in efficient design completion. 

Digital simulation and physical verification are based on industry standard Mentor and Cadence design tools.