Our aim is to offer the most comprehensive implementation options possible, reflecting a wide range of customer market places, applications and individual requirements.

Planning for Microchip Design


Reflecting this approach is our ability to offer much more than basic silicon design. To help achieve a finished and fully working chip we can also incorporate detailed implementation plans. These allow our customers to realise a complete chip solution based on selected packaging technologies and test methodologies.

During the feasibility and design phases we can develop a standard or customised package for customers. Allied to this we produce agreed test and bring-up plans; this allows customers to utilise chip designs in final applications for demonstration purposes, and also enables them to undertake further evaluation, highlighting development still needed.

This whole process, managed by us, comes as a result of our approach to working with customers in the most collaborative way possible.

Packaging for Microchips


Our customers are always looking for innovative packaging solutions. Twenty-five years of chip design projects has seen us develop experience of a wide range of package technologies. In addition to supporting standard package types we also offer a number of development packages for first silicon evaluation.

We can offer:

  • BGA packages

  • QFN/MLF packages

  • Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages (WLCSP)

  • Multi-Chip-Modules (MCM)

  • System-In-Package (SiP)

  • Chip on Flex (COF)

  • Wirebond, solder, gold bumping and copper pillar

  • Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS)

Complementing this ability we also provide additional layout and interconnect solutions to optimise pads and pins in more complex package options.

Test Development for Silicon Solutions


To help customers achieve a full silicon solution that they can use for sample purposes, as well as volume production, we offer various levels of test development. For basic implementation we provide a bring up service which gives customers a device that is fully functioning and tested.

As well as being responsible for full development and bring up, our service also includes debug, verification and simulation.

We also develop fully optimised production assembly and test solutions as part of our Manufacturing solution.