Our work over the past 25 years cannot be defined by a specific type of client, application or market. Our cross-sector proficiency has given us a depth of product and application knowledge that consistently enables the cross-fertilisation of ideas and solutions so as to produce the very best outcomes for clients. 

Our ability to realise successful designs, that produce ‘work first time’ solutions, has meant that we have entered into collaborations across multiple markets producing a diverse portfolio of successful projects.



Undertaking a large number of projects in consumer markets has meant that we have a range of designs and IP available for clients. Our experience has given us an understanding of the needs of fast moving consumer environments, which in turn informs new projects and our ability to achieve their goals and meet their timescales.

Examples would include our silicon backplanes that can be incorporated into LCOS and OLED Microdisplays for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications. We also have considerable expertise in power management for very small battery-driven devices such as wearables and sensors all the way through to multiple Lithium-Ion (Li- Ion) cells for larger electric motors.

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Providing solutions for over fifteen years across major projects in the Avionics, Hi-Rel and Security fields, our emphasis has always been on quality and reliability. This has been consistently backed by consideration of, and provision for, long term supply and support.

As well as several IP blocks we also own and supply a complete Ethernet PHY chip design. We have significant experience of DO-254 practices and this has allowed us to be an approved supplier on several MOD projects. As a consequence several of our engineers now have Security Clearance, and our company networks meet approved Penetration test (PEN test) standards.

We are totally familiar with the high standards required in this market and we help customers achieve successful implementations through innovative design and best practise.

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Our communications expertise goes back a long way. We have several developments with successful implementations and applications for RF over frequencies ranging from LF (kHz) through to UHF (GHz). We also have successful designs for RFID applications – both receivers and tags. Having worked in the RF field for many years, we can also boast in-house expertise in smart antennas and antenna design. 

We fully understand and appreciate the exacting requirements of a communication system and we can offer more than just design services to achieve the successful implementation of customer’ end products.

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It would be challenging to list the wide range of quality solutions that we have provided to industrial sector clients. Since our formation we have been consistently approached by clients looking for holistic solutions with an emphasis on quality. To this end we provide a full design-to-supply model ( turnkey ) for those customers that require it.

The diversity of typical end applications has included array sensors and displays, precision measurement equipment through to driver ICs for piezoelectric printheads, and backplanes for both large industrial and small Near-To-Eye (NTE) displays. As well as designing devices we help our customers through sourcing and supply of finished parts.

Our experience in successfully meeting the demands of different, and often challenging, industrial environments, has given the company a reputation for always going the extra mile to deliver the quality and result required.

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