Based at the Western end of England’s ‘Silicon Valley’, GF Micro is a leading independent silicon design company, focussing on digital and analogue design and fabless silicon chip supply.

We have been operating for almost 30 years offering a range of services including IP licensing, full custom ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) development, starting from specification, design, layout all the way through to fabless silicon sourcing.  

We also offer a range of bespoke design services.

In order to offer the best solutions we partner with the top silicon foundries across the world to source and supply services and devices that meet our customers’ need for quality and reliable product.

With over 500 years combined digital and analogue design, verification and layout experience, GF Micro has developed an extensive range of silicon proven custom IP blocks from PLLs to complete product designs. As part of this, we supply a qualified devices  into the Avionics and Space industries  whilst at the same time we address the high volume consumer markets such as Home Appliance and Microdisplays.

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Rod Oldfield, Managing Director