A leading independent silicon design company for the past twenty-five years, GF Micro successfully delivers products and services that meet our customers’ absolute need for quality, reliability and performance.

Focussing on digital and analogue design as well as fabless silicon supply, we have gained a reputation for innovation, technical excellence and total reliability. This is represented by the company’s consistent growth and a track record of developing leading-edge solutions.

We service our clients from two UK design centres based in Stroud and Bristol. Underpinning our service is a team with over 500 years of combined digital and analogue design, verification and layout experience. This depth of knowledge, across a wide range of domains, means we are able to offer a 'right first time' service across all our client base.

As well as having significant in-house expertise we partner with top silicon foundries across the world to source and supply devices that can always satisfy customer’ demands for quality and reliability. 

We also offer a range of bespoke design services and are constantly looking to future technologies and markets, bringing a level of leadership and innovation to everything we do. This has meant working with clients from a wide variety of industries including Avionics, Space, Precision Industrial and most recently Home Automation, RFID and Backplanes for Microdisplays.



The way we work

Developing an ASIC is a complex activity. It follows that the success of any project depends on the way we collaborate with our clients in order to fully realise their ambitions.

We pride ourselves on being a partner that our customers can trust. We make commissioning an ASIC development as simple as we possibly can. From exploratory meetings, through full product life-cycle interactions and onto final silicon delivery – the process should be a seamless flow.

To achieve this we believe an interactive and communicative approach is key - it enables us to offer a ‘right first time’ service across our entire client base. Challenging and meaningful dialogue between us and a client results in a stronger end solution.

To what extent we achieve success can be measured by our customers’ satisfaction and the quality of the solutions we produce. Our reputation is key to the development and growth of our business, so clients can be assured that we are as committed to the successful outcome of their projects as they are.

“Without your help we would not have accomplished our goals.”


“The way GF Micro worked on my project meant that their designers integrated closely with my team to produce a design that efficiently met the system and cost requirements.”


“GF Micro has worked with us on a number of key projects. Their design engineers have worked closely with our engineers to successfully take concepts to products.”